PIAA 85110 OE Replacement Sports Horn Kit ..

Bass Tone Sports Horn Kit 400Hz+500Hz; 115Db..


PIAA 85112 OE Replacement Sports Horn Kit ..

High Tone Sports Horn Kit 500Hz+600 Hz; 115Db..


PIAA 85114 OE Replacement Horn

Slim Sports Horn Kit 400Hz+500Hz 112 Db..


PIAA 85115 OE Replacement Horn

Superior Bass Sports Horn Kit 330Hz+400Hz 112Db..


RPC (Racing Power Company) R1010 Chrome ca..

Chrome car horn - classic "oooga" style sound..


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 002 MUSIC TIME

MUSIC TIME - La Cucaracha/Mexican Hat Dance. Remote Control Electronic Musical Horn..


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 125 The DOMINIATO..

The DOMINIATOR- Two (2) Stainless Steel Trumpets (one low tone one high tone) Trumpets 304 Non-Magne..


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 300-2T DISC

DISC- Low Tone Disc Horn, Two (2) Terminals, Universal Replacement...


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 306-2T SUPER HORN

SUPER HORN- Two (2) Powerful Disc Horns (Bosch Type)Chrome Grill, Two (2) Terminal..


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 325-2T MAXI SOUND

MAXI SOUND- Two(2)Universal Replacement Horns,Chrome Grill and Chrome Cover,Two(2) Terminals..


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 330 Fun Horn Moto..

FUN HORN Motor Driven Horn. OOGAH SOUND..


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 336 JUKE BOX Musi..

JUKE BOX Musical Horn- Electronic Musical Speaker has 34 pre programmed songs..


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 340 BULL HORN

BULL HORN- Electric Horn, Bright Red, Sounds like a Raging Bull...


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 345 Animal House

ANIMAL HOUSE- 69 Sounds: 50 Musical Tunes,10 Sirens9 Animals and a P.A. System..


Wolo Manufacturing Corp. 346 POWER PLAY

POWER PLAY - 40-Watt Audio Amplifier and Speaker System All-In-One. Plug-N-Play with any MP3, iPod, ..


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